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Wild week in Fuerteventura

Dec. 12-19 2017



Get in your deep connection with the wild spirits of the desert Island...

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Friday, June 9th to Sunday June 11th


Find and enter in the entrance of hidden sound and holy songs in you.

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(two dates)

July 14th to July 23th


Your Nature re connection week in the National Parc of Hohe Tauern

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Of all elements is the sound the connecting one! A warm welcome to you - a deeply touching workshop at 2000m altitude in the middle of the Mountain of the Hohentauern.


The power of the healing singing, led by Susanne


Three deeply moving days of healing song practise in the National Park Hohe Tauern with overnight in the 1000 star hotel, a simple mountain hut of spiritual pure nature!


The song of your soul sounds - for you are your instrument. In the silence of nature you will learn a lot about the power of your voice. You feel its effect on your own body


In a small group we practice the conscious application of healing sounds for body, mind and soul. Step by step, you learn to drop the inhibition before singing and to trust your intuition. Accompanied by the forces of the mountain spirits support and protect you.


Simple techniques show you how to open your voice and transform the energies in the healingly flow!


We stay in a simple mountain hut and it is vegetarian cooked. Most of the time we will spend outside to deepen our connection to nature.


Who wants to experiment with? The workshop is suitable for people without previous knowledge of music or shamanism!


Where: Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, Grossfragant, Carinthia, Austria

Costs: 280 € incl. Breakfast / veggy meal in a simple mountain hut


Important: The workshop remains limited to 10 persons!



Yours Susanne Krämer

Saturday, June 9th to Sunday June 11th


Location : Grossfragant , Mountain of High alps


Fee : 280€ incl. veg. food/ overnight in a simple Alm hut


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Led by Susanne

Friday, July 14th to Sunday, July 23th


Location : Nationalpark Hohe Tauern, Grossfragant, Carinthia, Austria


Fee : 550 € incl. Meals / accommodation in a simple hut


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INTO THE WILD - Your Nature re connection week in the National Parc of Hohe Tauern (two dates)


Pure nature in a lonely mountain hut at 2300m quiet-live simplicity and oneness in the mountains, enjoy absolute silence, meet the animal world up close, bathe in the icecold mountain lake.


Learn to recognize and use herbs, wander in solitude, learn to make fire, live with very simple means, experience sensory and shamanic perceptions, practice in silence and meditation ...


Your intensive seminar for the connection with your own spiritual nature.



Important: Seminar is limited to 12 participants! Only suitable for people with a sporty constitution! Please ask for the conditions of participation and for equipment list (Special equipment required)




Led by Susanne & Günther



The power of the harsh island - off the beaten track - has fascinated us and deeply inspired us, we want to experience with you wonderful moments of silence, and sharing it in a small group.


We want to meditate with loving people in the wild nature of Jandia National Park, sing, bathe, enjoy, walk and practice shamanic techniques in the powerful surroundings of magical places.


There is the possibility to stay in a nice, affordable private accommodation (self-catering).






with Susanne


with Gunther