Our community



What we do? We love mother nature, respect all creatures and each other. We teach pure unconditional love, and love to stay outdoor in the beautiful Alps, the breathtaking high mountains in the National Parc Hohe Tauern, Carinthia, Austria.


We drive a sheep farm, a permaculture and 200 fruit tree garden, a natural healing center, a little bed and breakfast, Meditation curses, Nature and outdoor workshops, and teach about all these.


Our Natural healing center offers herbal tinctures, homöopatics, ayurvedic, meditation, Shamanic counseling and spiritual healing.


We offer Nature connection and outdoor workshops in the National parc of Hohe Tauern. We invite shamans of many cultures, do ritual crafts together, havinmg ceremony for ancient spirits and many more...

Wild week in Fuerteventura

Dec. 12-19 2017



Get in your deep connection with the wild spirits of the desert Island...



We found our little community and we currently grow into a space of open minded, creative working people.



Natural practioner & shamanic healer


All time of the year Susanne helps you in spiritual growing, doing Rituals or teach you in Health care or Natural and Shamanic practises.


Leader of the sheep farm & wilderness coach


Günther welcomes you to learn about sheep hearding, permacultur, and twice a year he coaches wilderness outdoor living.

Our space contents a ca. 300-400 animals Sheep farm, the beautiful quiet rooms of Natural Healing Center, the permaculture garden zone, the guest house, areas for meditation and mind relaxation, we offer a Mongolian yurt and lots of green wilderness around.


We invite you, people from different countrys, to learn about permaculture, help in the farm, learn about rituals and meditation, join in spiritual practises and wilderness survival


We warmthly welcome you to join us!.

Our happy first year - 2016



We founded the Casa Aipotu community in May 2016 after meeting so many lovely people here.


And first of all: we really enjoyed and love to stay with the young people from all over the continents. They gave us so many new impression, good energy, inspiration and good mood. In opposite they learned to know about gardening, shepherding, self sufficcience, handling working dogs, feeding chicken, doing products from fruits and vegetables, having expiriences with soap making and doing essences, tea, cream and many, many more.


Günther had plenty of help with the sheep, the young people loved to stay with him outdoor at the alm hut! He teached them about sheeps and shared life philosophy with passion and patience.


We renovate parts of the guest house and the working space of our spiritual healing center, so the Natural practioner Susanne and her guests can do her spiritual work well here.


All together we did outdoor living, mountain walking and hiking, had barbecues, romantic evenings with singing at the fireplace.


We had builded the space of our Mongolian yurt, wich was a area, pretty physically hard! We remaked and exceeded the garden area, planted hundreds od strawberrys and rapsberrys. And building fences for everything.




We where doing work, meditation, walking, workshops, shaman work expiriences. So here you may enjoy a part of our activities and just having plenty of good times.

In 2016 we hosted young people here from Germany, India, Italy, South Korea, USA, Japan, Kanada, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Great Britain, Cuba, Puerto Rico, China, Iceland, Nepal, ... and of course from Austria.



The photos down show the house and valley area around our guest house in 800m height, the Alm hut in 2.400m height, our friends from all over, ourselve and our animals.



with Susanne



with Gunther