Günther Kramer

Wild week in Fuerteventura

Dec. 12-19 2017



Get in your deep connection with the wild spirits of the desert Island...






Born in Dec. 1959 in Radenthein/Austria

Father of 4 adult sons, grandfather of 3 grand children


Studied: Matura in Business, Dipl. Social worker,

Organic farmer,

Permaculture farmer

Wilderness scout


Lived 30 years in Upper Austria, then happily returned to home area Carinthia

Now driving a 300-400 animals sheep farm in the National parc of Hohe Tauern

Summer- Working on level of 2.600m height

Winter - Working in the valley of Mölltal


ABOUT Günther


"Gunther is one of the most honest life experience coach I have ever met in my life. Without too many words he explain direction and orientation of his and later your own life. He do not offer any therapy but silently in background he does the best and most intense healing you may have: Your direct in life experience and experiencing the wild nature! "


With him you will discover hard physical training and farm work in combination with honest deep personal reflexion and lots of inner love feeling. He is one who can take people as they really are, not projecting anything on you.



Günther offers workshops and trainings in little groups like: Scout coaching in the mountains, survival trainings, permaculture workshops. You might ask him for more :).


Günther help people to come more to their own life goals and beeing out of societies conditions. He is a living orientation in "how I can offer myself into this world, how I can discover life in truth and autharkism" things .


A very unusual person who will honestly tell and bring you into the thruth about yourself!

About Gunthers work

Friday, April 14, 16:00 to Sunday, April 16, 16 h


Permakultur Seminar Part 1

Theory and practical application


- Learn and apply permanent, natural vegetable and fruit cultivation methods

- Use of in-house resources in agriculture, town and garden

- My self-catering principles

- Ideas for implementation at your home

- Together dreaming and realizing - Harmony of man and nature


First intensive in the Casa Aipotu workshop with Günther Kramer


Costs: 150 €

Meals: 75 € per person including non-alcoholic beverages.

We cook together in the group!

Up to 12 persons can be accommodated in our guest house! Pp / night 25 €


Please wear weatherproof clothing and sturdy shoes (who would also like to wear garden gloves)!




with Susanne



with Gunther